Fascia Continuing Education Class!!

Took a necessary Continuing Education class last week; I’m still not sure how I feel about the state requiring LMTs to take them, but I’m almost always glad when I do! I’ve already implemented some of the techniques and theories. I’ve asked my patients if they’ve noticed a difference; one said she loved it SOOOO much. Two more said they noticed and weren’t sure; Love, love, love that, with me, I leave my sessions UP TO THE PATIENT because everybody’s different, and every BODY is different. I don’t like the same technique all the time, so why would I expect anyone else to? Thank you so much, I’ll keep working and learning, and I’ll be back on soon!


2 thoughts on “Fascia Continuing Education Class!!”

  1. Required CE credits have been part of our licensure as a Radiographer for decades.

    Mixed emotions about CE. I prefer face-to-face presentations, but can’t always get to them. Other options are available. Nevertheless, keeping current is very important! I just finished an article on the latest on MRSA.

    Good way to promote your expertise by writing an article!

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