yet another massage therapy testimony

The other day, I had a great, in my opinion, conversation w/ an acquaintance. She asked me what I did for a living; she loved my “massage therapist” reply! A few years ago, she took her mother for her very first massage. When her mother came out after the session, everyone could tell that the session did what a massage therapy session is supposed to do. She went on to tell me, though, that her mother has yet to return for any other massage therapy session. She also knows that her mother can afford it. For me, then, it lead right into previous posts and some unscientific research as to why people do not receive regular massages. We agreed that it’s probably a lot of reasons that go into it; she assumed that even though she and her mom agreed that what we massage therapists do is in our title ( we actually provide THERAPY), getting out of the house and such was just too much. So, ultimately, her testimony was bittersweet…


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