massage therapy and hip pain

In the edition just out last week of The Institute for Integrative Healthcare newsletter, Leslie DeMatteo, LMT, MS, researched and found massage therapists can help eliminate or drastically reduce hip pain! Just like arthritis elsewhere, massage therapy can not CURE it, but it CAN reduce some of its debilitating symptoms. Certainly, HUGE culprits of hip pain can be SOME of the muscles that are attached to the hip, which are: hamstrings and quadriceps (the big ones in the back and front of the leg, respectively), gluteals, lateral rotators of the hip, abdominals, and flexors of the hip. She spoke of the iliopsoas and piriformis, also. I love reading reminders of ALL (not JUST muscle “stuff”) that can go into causing a person such a life-altering malady and what massage therapy and I can do to improve feeling and function (to me, they’re interconnected) in the human body!


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