Massage’s Multiple Ways to Increase Energy

Read Institute for Integrative Health Care’s latest newsletter and Leslie DeMatteo, LMT, MS’s article in it. She delved a little into the difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Swedish uses long, gliding strokes, and deep tissue uses specific techniques (like: cross fiber friction, slow, deep strokes, and pin-n-stretch techniques) that lengthen and stretch muscle fibers. Deep tissue also uses ischemic compression on trigger points, which releases them! Naturally, most therapists combine these. BROAD ischemic compression aids in workout recovery and in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (and, in athletes, it can still help in keeping the circulatory system working at its prime. Two of the most profound ways that massage can increase energy is its naturally pain relieving results AND its equally natural improving HEALING sleep results; pain is certainly draining to the human body!


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