Thoracic Spine-Part 1

Finishing off ABMP’s monthly magazine, I truly loved Joseph E. Muscolino, DC’s article, Thoracic Spine-The Silent Saboteur! I’ve always thought this region of the spine is neglected by people and practitioners. So far, I’ve made it to finishing reading about Upper-Crossed Syndrome. Mostly, I loved his relaying of what current thinking SHOULD be about tight muscles. Locked-Short/Locked-Long is truly more accurately descriptive of muscles and the joints they cross. BOTH sets of muscles opposing a joint are actually tight (just one set will be “stronger” than the other so “shorter”, and the other will be “weaker” so “longer”), and they most definitely both need bodywork because, after all, no matter the more-appropriate name or not, they will still benefit from stimulation from, ultimately, the central nervous system!


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