Working With Sacroiliac Joint Mobility

The last article in latest edition of ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork, by Til Luchau, was fantastic! He answered the questions, “Does the amount of SIJ movements relate to pain? And if it does, is more or less movement better?” by going against conventional wisdom. Most people will have pain on one side, the more mobile, of the joint, so a therapist can either “avoid/ignore” that side, thereby increasing mobility on the stiffer side OR work on the already-more-mobile side. Of course, the therapist must adjust after feedback from the patient! He also talked quite a lot about the Interosseous SI Ligament Technique, which embodies nerves and receptors (mechano, proprio, and nocico!), and shares a lot with a common test, the SI distraction or “squish” test! This test/technique can result in less pain and more effectiveness of the aforementioned proprioceptors!


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