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I am now blogging because I want to add a little something new, and hopefully helpful medically, to people looking for a massage therapist in the Rochester, NY area!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July a little late! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend; actually, I hope everyone is still celebrating and relaxing!!


Followup to Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals…..

Hello, there, all,

Well, as I stated on Monday, I’ve gotten my thoughts together (which also reminds me of how much I believe in followup in business!!) on ABMP’s magazine article that found that 64% of U.S. adults have never had a massage. The following are reasons that people (patients of mine and not patients) have told me they will never have a massage or do not receive REGULAR massage: schedule, money, fear, and massage is only for relaxation and/or rich people because it’s a luxury. Addressing the reason of fear, I say, “First and foremost, any TRUE massage therapist will NEVER hurt you. Just like anything new, medical-practitioner wise or anything else in life, just TRY it”! If it’s fear of being touched or being undressed, I say, “Any TRUE massage therapist will respect your body and your mind ALWAYS. If you forever want massages fully clothed, the sessions may not be easy and the most beneficial, but that, obviously, doesn’t mean it can’t be done”! Addressing the reason of massage is only for relaxation and/or rich people because it’s a luxury, I say, “Massage affects, or at least CAN affect, POSITIVELY, EVERY system of the body. While it certainly FEELS luxurious, massage deeply affects minds and bodies, which thereby potentially can stave off maladies, the severity of these maladies, and the longevity of these maladies”! I did not address the reasons of time and money because people are honestly exceptionally busy and talking about money, I feel, would come across as preachy, and I am not a preachy person; I hope the facts speak for themselves! Thank you for reading; I’m off to work a little more!

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

My ABMP magazine came today, and an article in it talked about the fact that ONLY 64% of U.S. adults have never had a massage. I’m getting my thoughts together and writing down what people have told me their reasons are for never getting one or only one in their life, and I will be back to discuss!


massage for tmj disorders

Just finished a continuing-ed class on tmj (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction! Soooo many things can lead to it;  a great number of massage techniques can help ease the pain!!


no-fault insurance

I’ve seen two new patients in one week with no-fault insurance needs! So happy to have received one of them from PTs (because of course that means that they support other modalities!) and to have helped them be better!!


craniosacral massage

I learned SO much the other night at my craniosacral continuing-ed class!


Massage for headache pain relief

Was so excited to take a continuing-ed class on research in the massage therapy profession, AND it turns out we learned a new technique for headache relief!