massage therapy continuing-ed class

Did my research and then had class #2 of 3 for massage therapy for people with fibromyalgia. Ultimately, we learned what a TRUE massage therapist should know: EVERY massage for EVERY person should be tailored to what they need THAT DAY!! The massage therapist should NEVER assume that a patient wants, which really means what the patient NEEDS, the same massage as the last session. Thank you for reading!


massage therapy continuing education

Yesterday, I received the massage therapy continuing education schedule for the rest of the year! Two of them interest me to no end: massage therapy for people with cancer and geriatric massage therapy!! I’m sure I’ll end up taking both!


Hi, all. Happy Monday! If that’s a contradiction in terms, I apologize. I DO hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Everybody Deserves a Massage Week was a hit; I started out by celebrating by helping someone in her home that REALLY needed me! Aaannnddd, an updated on my year-long, continuing-ed class will follow soon!

Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Well, tonight I’ve got a CONTINUING (year-long series!) continuing-ed class on fibromyalgia. I’m still not swayed either way as to whether I believe we (LMTs, of course) should have ever been mandated to take continuing education. I feel that I get an education EVERY time I see a patient (I’ve also heard this opinion from some fellow therapists, including my own!), but I do honestly feel that NCBMTB (National Certification Board on Massage Therapy and Bodywork) was simply trying to lend, and keep, credence to my wonderful, healthful, chosen profession!