Chronic neck pain relief

Yesterday, I saw a patient from Penfield with chronic neck pain. Eight months ago, she was rear ended in a car accident; thankfully, no-fault insurance is paying for her sessions with me. After a 45-minute session, most of which focused on her neck, she felt such relief (“the “good” pain/ the kind that tells you something good is happening and being worked out and stretched”) that she will return weekly! Massage therapy can help alleviate or prevent chronic neck pain, due to a car accident, other injury, disability, or stress. My patient was apprehensive at first, but thankfully her physical therapist convinced her to try massage therapy also.


Migraines and massage

There have been some exciting steps toward relieving migraines thru massage. If you are comfortable with someone putting their fingers in your mouth, there could be a spot I learned that will relieve migraine symptoms (of course I use medical gloves). This field is amazing.