Chronic Pelvic Pain

Ruth Werner’s Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women (from most recent edition of ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork) was very interesting. She talked a little about how pelvic pain can, of course, happen in men; it’s, naturally, just different. She reemphasized that we massage therapists will probably work best when the patient works with other practitioners, and I LOVE that philosophy!



This article, again in ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork, by Christy Cael was a very simple reminder of how our respiration muscles and thoracic and abdominal cavities are separate, but they are only as separate as all the other organs and systems of the human body. The human body’s all connected! She even says, “Proper function of the breathing mechanism depends on the mobility of all sides of the rib cage and the abdominal cavity, as well as coordinated activation of the diaphragm and associated breathing muscles.”. She, of course, even demonstrated one technique that emphasized how we massage therapists can help our patients get, and stay, healthy by increasing the volume of our respiratory muscles and organs.

Shoulder Girdle

Well, when ABMP said that the shoulder girdle is complicated, they were RIGHT! I just finished Doug Nelson’s continuing education class. The human shoulder has 5 joints, MANY, MANY muscles and other connective tissue, fossas, and, thereby, MANY, MANY possible movements as well. It’s easy to see why it’s yet another fascinating, but not easy to understand, part of the human body!