Fascia Continuing Education Class!!

Took a necessary Continuing Education class last week; I’m still not sure how I feel about the state requiring LMTs to take them, but I’m almost always glad when I do! I’ve already implemented some of the techniques and theories. I’ve asked my patients if they’ve noticed a difference; one said she loved it SOOOO much. Two more said they noticed and weren’t sure; Love, love, love that, with me, I leave my sessions UP TO THE PATIENT because everybody’s different, and every BODY is different. I don’t like the same technique all the time, so why would I expect anyone else to? Thank you so much, I’ll keep working and learning, and I’ll be back on soon!


The human touch keeps me and all people alive and, hopefully, thriving. One of massage therapy’s biggest contributions to human health is that it requires another human being to touch another body in a therapeutic manner. This, in turn, because of activation of sensors and release of certain chemicals, makes a person aware of activities in the body, which could prevent maladies or prompt a person to see a doctor quicker than they might have without being so aware of something abnormal happening in their body. No matter a person’s awareness level of their body, massage therapy can positively influence every system of the body. From the areas that most people would consider to be easliy influenced by massage (ie.: muscles and headaches and even skin) to the areas that no one can see (ie.: immune and gastrointestinal systems), massage therapy CAN make a healthier body!