How Not to Make Sciatica Worse

Mark Liskey’s article was fantasic! First of all, I loved that he talked of health practitioners working together!!! Then he said a therapist should treat a patient with sciatica like this: whatever position makes the patient most comfortable on the table is the one that the practitioner should treat in, do not treat or give recommendations aggressively, and, as ALWAYS, figure out perpetuating (anything one does-from bad work posture to bad decision-making-that aggravates or prolongs a pain condition) factors!


The Unusual Suspects: Often-Overlooked Muscles

Joseph Muscolino, DC’s article was so open minded! Often-Overlooked does NOT mean that a practitioner should not look at popular culprits!! He talked of 6 VERY commonly overlooked ones; then, he delved even deeper and talked of 10 not-so-commonly overlooked and reviewed palpation and stretching of all of them!

Vastus Lateralis

Here we go again! Got ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork for November/December, and I loved Christy Cael’s Vastus Lateralis article. She masterfully reinforced its anatomy, and thereby actions, and talked specifically of two maladies that can easily happen because of imbalances and of neglecting the muscle!

Massage At All Costs

Just a little paragraph about some part of the history of massage in ABMP’s latest Massage and Bodywork (by Patricia J. Benjamin). Specially-trained physiotherapy technicians called reconstruction aides helped rehabilitate injured, returning-home soldiers in World War I. These programs were based on work being done in England by orthopedic surgeons Sir Robert Jones and James B. Mennell. Mennell wrote this about their work in his “Massage: Its Principles and Practice” in 1920: “attending orthopedic surgery in its applications to the necessities of our wounded could not be attained without the concomitant of massage…(which) must often precede, should frequently accompany, and must invariably follow, effective work by the surgeon”.

GRC newsletter/stretching

I just finished reviewing Greater Rochester Chiropractic’s October newsletter. One of the main reasons GRC is my home filled with my colleagues and friends is that they are practitioners that believe in stretching! The newsletter focused on stretching of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. They emphasized that the joints at either end of a muscle being stretched need to freely move!! So refreshing to be reminded that they believe that stretching is so beneficial to the body!