glute massage

Today I had MY massage! My therapist gets to my low back and top of my gluteus muscle group, and I somehow managed to eek out, “There is nothing on this planet like glute massage.” She laughed and then said, “I feel they’re the most-neglected muscle group in the body.” Agreed w/ every (muscle) fiber of my being, Eileen!…Nirvana.


human joints

In Erik Dalton’s An Alternate Approach to Tennis Elbow (from ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork), he combined talking about/reiterated METs and stretching AND gave some new information and tips about us massage therapists working with joints in the human body!!

Long thoracic nerve

Love getting ABMP’s Massage and Bodywork every month. This month, it was Whitney Lowe’s The Long and Winding Nerve, that I liked because it reminded us massage therapists and bodyworkers to pay VERY CLOSE attention to the nerves in the human body. After all, we affect them, too!