reflexology on self

For a few weeks now, I’ve been performing reflexology on myself. I’ve “researched” on my hands and ears, not yet my feet, and, first and foremost, I’ve noticed a reduction in pain! I’ll do it for a while more to determine if it’s worked to influence, mostly, specific workings of my endocrine system.



The last class was filled with giggles (we wrote on each other’s feet after all!) and such great information! I now offer this helpful, healthful, pain reducing service!! Another way the human touch can affect every part of the human body! Yup; reflexology points on the hands and feet can affect every system of the body; therefore, it can affect digestion, sinuses, immune system, nervous system, arthritis, headaches, and probably every other malady, in some way or another, that afflicts the body.

kinesiology tape

I now, officially, offer kinesiology taping to my patients! Kinesiology tape can help with pain reduction, inflammation reduction, and restoration of normal muscle tone! It can also, as can “regular” massage therapy, increase healing time after an injury, specifically a bruise, as well as the aforementioned three other benefits of kinesiology tape; I’m so happy to, hopefully, hear that it extends the benefits of what I and other massage therapists do.

Working With the Sacrum

Thrilled to have read Til Luchau’s Working With the Sacrum, also, in the newest edition of Massage and Bodywork. Loved being reminded that massage therapists working with a patient’s sacrum can be so very helpful; after all, it’s a part of the human body. Period. Then, it’s one that has a ton of nerves that are a part of the nervous system that quiets the body in it. Lastly, work done on the sacrum naturally affects the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and toes; yup; just positive work all the way down the rest of the body!