Miserable Malalignment Syndrome, Part 1 continued….

Well, first of all, it is MALalignment, not MISalignment like I stated previously. Second, the article was really informative and chockedfull of information. Mr. Lowe said Part 2 is treatments for the Syndrome. That the human body will NEVER cease to amaze me is precisely why I am a massage therapist!


massage therapy research

Read an article in my Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals’ most-recent publication. It was so cool; the author found that research from 1999-2007 showed that foot massage can positively affect anxiety, depression, immune system response, nausea, pain, and stress! It’s now wonder, to me, seeing as how the whole body’s connected, but I love research that shows proof of all the good that can come from massage in general and foot massage specifically (and, boy, it sure does feel good!!)!

massage therapy continuing-ed class

Did my research and then had class #2 of 3 for massage therapy for people with fibromyalgia. Ultimately, we learned what a TRUE massage therapist should know: EVERY massage for EVERY person should be tailored to what they need THAT DAY!! The massage therapist should NEVER assume that a patient wants, which really means what the patient NEEDS, the same massage as the last session. Thank you for reading!